autumn | winter 2018
What's Next ?
After you might have  stop to rethink, slow down to reorganize and go, but go where exactly? There are still tons of questions yet to be answered.
In this digital age, there are so many information available to us at the blink of an eye. Given with so much more choices and options, deciding on which to pick can be overwhelming.
At every stages of life, all of us are faced with questions that will change life. Upon graduating, teens usually ponder on how their future would be. If they want an easy and simple life or do they want something more exciting and challenging? After having a  stable career, the questions would evolve around  if they should continue their daily job , or should they have strive for a better carreer oppurtinities? Entering pro-retirement phase, questions that are likely to surface is if they should go travel the world? Or should they continue serving the community? We would have endless “?” surrounding us that at times we would even feel confuse and lost.
However, without questions, how could we have find answers?
Being confused, frustrated, and lost are just a phases in life, where we learn a bit more about ourselves. However, the unique quality about being a human is having the ability to solve “?” and turn it into “!”. Have courage to solve all the problems that surface. It is really as simple as that.
The real “?” is do you really know what you are doing? Are you really ready for what’s next?