spring | summer 2019
Point of View
Inspired by Milan based art studio Carnovsky’s  Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla’s RGB colored exhibition.
Receiving the same information,  having the same idea, facing the same truth, but everyone has different point of view. Just like the exhibition, every audience will perceive different imagery under different lights even though looking at the same artwork. When you are standing at the cross roads, not knowing which path to take, why don't you take a look from every angle? Visualising it into a 3D map, now, can you see a bigger picture?
 Stand in somone else’s shoes, look at other’s perspective, everything you knew might change. Look in different point of views, our world can be much clearer, perhaps there would be more options available.
Change your point of view, doubts and uncertainties can be resolve.
Change your point of view, and perhaps­­ you will see a sunny day on the other side.