Fruit~ZA(Live the Present,Capture the best,explosion of happiness。)
Fruit~ZA:When fruit at its freshest,its when we get the best essence。Just as life, learn to squeeze every juice of happiness from every moment you are living. That’s the essence of life.
Every fruit holds their own color,taste, and unique characteristics. Some could taste sour, others could taste sweet, but because of their individualistic qualities that got us hooked. From the beginning of seeding, towards the end of harvestation, it has to go through hardships that’s filled with sweats, teasrs and joy………… Before they bloomed into the most charming sights.
Travelling from Paris to the southern of France, our eyes were filled with picturesque sceneries. Neither a single camera could have captured the beauty, nor there was a word to describe by one. As we drive passed these scenic landscapes, we ponder when is the next time, even if there is, will it ever be the same? The passage we take everyday changes as the weather changes, the people on the street are different and even our mood differ each moment. Therefore, life everyday is a magic moment that is so real and unique each day.
Life does not wait, nor it would fast forward. No matter how much tears have fallen, life continues, no matter how much laughter you have, life continues. Every minute we living are precious and not a time to waste. These dribs and drabs of every moment will piece itself into a colorful journey, turning it into a beautiful scroll of painting, and bursting it in a freshly squeezed of fruit juice. That’s Fruit~ZA.