spring / summer 2018
Stop | Slow down | Go
As we walk, easily we will find ourselves stopping at the traffic light, and often times we question ourselves “where am I?”. We look for road signs, retrace the path we have taken, and we begin to ponder on whether we should continue straight or its time we make a turn.
Walking too fast, or simply walking straight, makes it easier to miss out on……
Some advice, some suggestions, some planning, just life in general…..
Even when you have well received these signs, are you prepared for what’s next?
Time does not wait for anyone, but why are we forcing to rush ourselves?
Nothing can stop us, and nothing can break our initial goal.
After straightening out, then lets GO!!!
When it’s red light, give ourselves time, time to reflect upon the past and the path we will take in the future, give ourselves chance to fix.
When it turns to yellow light, slow down the pace, we can always switch up the rhythm between slow and fast, but give ourselves time to think.
Now its green light, are you ready for it? If you are, then go!!! Go, walk a path that you would not miss out on life!