spring / summer 2017
Press Restart
It is a natural instinct that we empty out the trash, visit a doctor when sick, restart the computer when it gets slow. But, what about when we feel extremely overwhelmed?
We don’t hit pause, we just keep going.
It’s about time we press on the restart button.
Enter “restart” mode and forget our identities. Put behind the so-called definitions and labels. Start everything from ground zero.
In this space, let’s strip away all secular visions and judgments. Go back being an adolescent and feel the world with pure intentions and mind full of curiosity.
Start making deep conversations with ourselves.  Switch roles to feel other’s pain and point of views. When we are willing to face the true self, maybe then we can free ourselves from incomprehensible pressure, confusion.
So often that we let life gets in the way. It’s about time we unmask ourselves to the world, and dispense all the expectations and doubts we give ourselves. Life is that simple!
Stop hesitating, press on the button, and empty out. Have courage. Restarting is not an act of regretting the past, but moving on to a brighter future.
Press the button, let’s restart.